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Experience Makes The Difference     Zillow? 

Getting top SS for your home begins with marketing. The Bakers don't follow the crowd: they are trendsetters. There's much more to selling a home than meets the eye, especially with many new or revised banking and regulation changes as well as distressed properties.  Here's a very brief outline of what the we do in the process.


Selling a home begins with our understanding pricing, market conditions, and many variables that affect both. 

Our marketing involves HTML editing, creating QR codes, copywriting, animated gifs, professional photography, You Tube Video production with Photodex, and web authoring then posting to Zillow, Trulia and many other sites.

 Next comes professional staging tips, orchestrating showings, feedback and answering questions, and being on call for an offer, which can be on any of four different contracts


 We continue with negotiating, where only experience and first-hand knowledge come into play.  We have to look out for hidden contingencies and extended attorney reviews, where many transactions falter. 

How about the home inspection?  Is it a B vent issue, double tap, a 27.5 pcl Radon reading, or that black stuff in your attic you thought was nothing BUT turns out to be mold?  Now get through all that and face a request for a mortgage extension 30 days later. How do you handle that? 

What about the appraiser? Many deals fall apart because the sellers just aren't knowledgeable enough to deal with the appraiser.  They have no clue of what an appraiser can use and what they can't.  We do, and have been instrumental in getting our sales to appraise.    



 At last you get to the final walk thru and oops! That small leak above the foyer has the buyer requesting a new roof an hour later at the closing table.  Ever dealt with that?  We have and a whole lot more...and closed the deal.

That's why we're experts.  Day in and day out we're handling the complexities that arise along the way, dealing with countless issues, overcoming objections, and closing many, many homes.  You see, that's our business, and we keep it simple... for you that is.

Choose the Bakers as your realtors and see why we're ahead of the crowd from start to finish.


 In the end, it comes down to the amount of the check you receive at the closing table.  

One couple we met with decided to sell by owner and advertised the home for less than what our list price would have been.  In about a month it sold, BUT we could have gotten over $400K for the home at the time it was offered for sale.  Yet, the sellers accepted $370K.  They wanted to avoid paying approx. $20,000 in real estate fees (the realtors keep but a fraction of that).  But when all was said and done, the sellers walked away with a check for over $10,000 LESS than if we had sold the home for them.

Forget Transferees.
The for-sale-by-owner doesn't have the marketing to reach transferees, and even if he could, transferees have relocation packages and are obligated to work with a specific realtor to receive those benefits.

 Is it worth it? 
 Walk-thrus, negotiating, animosity that's sometimes created between buyer and seller, contracts, attorneys, buyer financing, inspections, appraisal, post-close possession, disclosures, advertising, inviting strangers into the home, marketing--all this and more these sellers went through and STILL got a smaller check.  Often when people sell by owner, their egos get in the way of making sound decisions. They forget that professionals who've sold hundreds of homes simply have more experience than they do. 

                                                                                           They forget the bottom line -- money.

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