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Tips on Moving   

Be careful where you shop! At a recent closing an attorney passed this story along.  Her client had shopped movers on the internet, found a cheap one and took a look at it's web site. He hired the company who showed up in a white unmarked (first clue) semi, and loaded the seller's furniture to take to the new home. They never showed up.



* Call for estimates from several movers  Cheapest is not always best.  

* If you want info on your new location, call the local Chamber of Commerce for a packet.

* Decide what to move, sell, or donate to charity. Some organizations such as Salvation Army and Goodwill pick items up. Or 
   consider a garage sale.

* Visit the Post Office and change your address, notify friends and anyone you do business with of your new address.

* Contact your new schools and make arrangements for school record changes if necessary.

* Collect boxes, packing tape, newspaper, and markers.

* Arrange for storage if you need it.

* Make sure you have access to immunization records for your pet, most towns require registration.

* Call the town or village and see if any village stickers for your vehicle are necessary.

* Contact the utility companies for the change in service.

* Don't forget to stop the newspaper.

 * If you're changing banks make the necessary arrangements.

* Gather important papers, files and documents.

* Fill any necessary medical prescriptions in advance.

* Clean out the refrigerator.

* Make arrangements to have locks rekeyed at your new home.